Inquiring Minds: Assessing Learners’ Progress

Over the past several years, I’ve collaborated with educators across CT and the United States to support the shift to inquiry as a primary form of instruction in social studies classrooms. When discussing this shift, teachers’ most common concern revolves around how to assess learners’ progress. In inquiry-focused classrooms, students are collaborating, generating inquiry questions, and developing investigations, and our assessment should reflect this instruction. This year, I have been working with a small team of educators and the CT State Department of Education Social Studies Consultant, Steve Armstrong, to develop a tool that will further support CT teachers’ shift to authentic, inquiry-based instruction and assessment.

Our team has developed a draft tool aligned with the C3 and CT Social Studies Frameworks, and we are looking for feedback from educators. Please view the draft continuum below, and share your feedback to help us improve this tool. We appreciate your support!