Sharing the Magic of Antarctica

It is hard to believe that it’s been more than nine months since I departed on my expedition to Antarctica. When I look at photographs or watch videos from my experience, it still seems somewhat surreal. In the months since my return, I’ve had the privilege to engage community members in hands-on inquiry activities similar to those in which my students have been participating and to share my experiences with audiences across Connecticut at libraries and universities.

As one of the deliverables required by National Geographic upon my return from Antarctica, I’ve completed the National Geographic Educator Certification process – a “free professional development program that recognizes pre-K through 12 formal and informal educators committed to inspiring the next generation of explorers, conservationists, and changemakers.”  As a culminating experience, I prepared a Capstone project video highlighting how I have communicated my experiences to students across the Portland Schools through inquiry lessons designed to challenge learners to think like explorers and social scientists. Please click on the image below to view the video and learn more about my journey from enthusiastic teacher to educator-explorer.

Click to view my 2017 Grosvenor Teacher Fellow capstone video.