Bringing Antarctica Home

I returned to Connecticut on December 29th to frigid temperatures more than twenty degrees below our coldest day in Antarctica! Just beyond the luggage carousel at JFK Airport, I opened my suitcase to retrieve my orange parka, and I’ve been wearing it in CT nearly every day since I returned. In an effort to stay warm during New England’s “deep freeze”, I’ve been reminiscing about Antarctica’s “warm” summer weather (around 32º F) and have been sorting through all of the photos and video footage that I collected during our expedition. My GTF colleagues and I have been sharing our materials so that we can begin creating content for our respective classrooms and school communities.

When I traveled to Washington, D.C. last March to meet and collaborate with the other 2017 Grosvenor Teacher Fellows at the National Geographic Headquarters, we were introduced to Google Tour Builder, an “interactive storytelling tool that connects people to places using Google Maps and multimedia content”. In order to create an immersive experience and provide geographic context for the photos and videos I wanted to share with my students, I have developed an interactive tour. The Tour Builder application works best on a desktop browser (not a phone or tablet). Side Note: When you zoom in, you’ll notice that it looks like we traveled across the Antarctic Peninsula. Since we were on a large ship, this part of the path is obviously inaccurate, but the landing destinations are correct. As you “visit” each destination, you can click on the image to expand and view multiple photos and/or videos. Click on the map below to begin the tour!

Click on this image to visit my Google Tour with embedded photos and videos of our expedition.