On My Way…

One year after applying to the National Geographic Grosvenor Teacher Fellowship Program and ten months after learning that I’d been selected, I depart from JFK this evening to fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina where I will meet the other two GTFs and our fellow travelers!

Our planned route to the peninsula!

If you are interested in following our expedition, check out this itinerary which outlines our day-to-day travels. I plan to update this blog when I am able with photos and videos of our adventures, but, given that I am headed to the only continent with no permanent human settlements, internet access is likely to be quite limited for a few days.

My 7th grade students have been actively involved in preparing for “our” expedition. Through their thoughtful questions and research, I’ve learned a great deal about all that I am likely to encounter on the unique continent of Antarctica. I leave with a list of student questions for the naturalists and other experts aboard my ship, a decorated travel journal presented to me yesterday by my students (see above), and a number of materials that I will use to involve the entire Portland community in my experience. I’m very grateful to National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions for this incredible opportunity and to the students, teachers, and administrators  in the Portland Schools community for their support!

Travel log packed and ready!

​Nos vemos en Argentina!


  1. Kate Farrish

    Go, Sarah! I will be following along.

    1. Karen Keeter

      So proud and excited for you! Can’t wait for you to share your adventures

  2. Frank Stevens

    Way to go Sarah!

    Grandma and Granddad

  3. Noah

    Hope you have a good time on your trip Ms.Harris

  4. Mckenzie

    Can’t wait to see you and all of your awesome discoveries! Make sure to jump into the ocean for us.

  5. Leah rules Masal

    Hope ya have fun. Tell us about it when you come back. See you next year!! You should jump into the water and it’ll be cold.
    Your fav student
    LEAH M.

  6. Janiah

    This is really cool

  7. Amelia/ Lauren/ Sarah/ Faith

    Hi Ms. Harris, I hope you enjoy your trip, can’t wait till you come back. Miss you!!!!!

  8. Rachel Brown

    Have a great trip. Be sure to have many fun adventures! Be sure to jump into to the ocean for us.

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